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For more than ten years, Iliad Datacenter is leader in designing, building and operating datacenters. Each facility R&D and design is made internally by our dedicated engineering team with one goal: deliver the most secure, efficient and reliable datacenters for critical IT operations.

Our unique DNA allows us to control, optimize and continuously enhance our datacenters at every stage. With end-to-end control on our infrastructure, we can guarantee our customers a very high quality of service at the best price.


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    With more than 500 companies in colocation and 1600 racks in production, DC2 is a first class datacenter for many IT professionals. The facility offers a strategic location to reach European, Middle East and African markets and provides IT room in N+1 and 2N depending on your requirements and services criticality.

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    DC3 is a high-end datacenter campus offering high standards for reliability, power, cooling and security controls. Thanks to DC3 hexacore design, our customers benefit a unique environment to reduce their operating costs and environmental impact in an extremely stable datacenter.

  • Paris


    DC4 benefits of an exceptional localization in Paris’ city center. The facility offers a robust colocation infrastructure with multiple connectivity options. With a very high-secure, power-protected environment to house and operate mission-critical equipments, DC4 enables customers to achieve fast and well their entry to critical markets.

  • Paris


    DC5 is one of the biggest datacenter project in France with more than 28MW of IT power. The facility is designed for cloud computing and big data infrastructures. It offers a PUE < 1.1, 15000 sqm of high-density space and an innovative business model where you only pay for what you use. Paris DC5 prices are at least 3 times less expensive than any datacenter in Europe. First deliveries in Q1 2017.

At your service

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    Experience the most flexible datacenters for mission-critical infrastructure in a highly secure, efficient and reliable environment.
    Take pressure off and enjoy future-proof and agile colocation services that provide maximum flexibility and let you focus on your business.

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    Connect to a dynamic ecosystem of network, content companies and cloud service providers through secure, high performance and low latency links.
    Our facilities are the right place to build hybrid clouds, interconnect private clouds for low latency applications and enjoy the scalability and flexibility of public clouds.

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    Support & Datacenter services

    Enjoy our datacenter services and 24x7 support for mission-critical infrastructures.
    We offer our customers remote management services backed by our on-site technical teams. We are here, whenever you need to assist you and ensure your infrastructure is running well!

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    Providing first class security datacenter is our priority.
    We constantly work to enhance our security protocols and heavily fight all possible threats, ensuring minimum risk to protect your infrastructures and physical assets.

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